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Arborists trained in the science of management of ornamental trees.
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Who We Are

Franks Forestry comprises a team of qualified arborists specialising in the care of individual trees, and we are well equipped for the work.

Trees that are properly maintained and cared for can offer substantial advantages to you and your property. Attractive, well managed trees can help to add value to your property, while neglected trees can prove to be a liability.

Carrying out proper tree maintenance, such as pruning or removing trees, in particular large trees, is skilled and potentially dangerous work and therefore should only be carried out by well equipped and qualified arborists such as Franks Forestry Contractors.

“Maintaining proper tree care is a decision that should not be taken lightly. ”
Jon Franks (director, Franks Forestry)

Why Choose Us

Franks Forestry Contractors realise that qualifications do not dictate levels of workmanship. We ensure all work undertaken by our team complies with British Standards 3998:2010, ensuring all current recommendations for tree work are followed.

Franks Forestry Contractors are a Hertfordshire based Tree Specialist company offering a comprehensive range of arboricultural experience and services. Whatever your arboricultural needs, Franks Forestry can meet them.

  • We are Arboricultural Approved.
  • Well equipped and qualified arborists.
  • Comply with British Standards 3998:2010

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